Principal Consultant

For over 30 years, Lindamood-Bell has been improving the lives of students. Our research-validated programs develop the skills necessary for reading and comprehension.

We believe all students can learn to their potential—including those previously diagnosed with dyslexia,  autism spectrum disorders, or general learning challenges.

During our busiest seasons, I drafted instructional plans targeting the limitations of 60+ individual students and oversaw diagnostic evaluations pre- and post-program, resulting overall in leaps in cognitive abilities.

I consulted regularly with families and healthcare professionals to align growth plan with the student’s medical needs and cognitive potential. Each student had an account of $30K - $200K invested in the program.

For several seasons, I mentored 30+ clinical staff members in the intricacies of the research and development protocols, and oversaw hiring, assessing staff performance in regular training sessions.

I managed the team that performed digital analytics and event planning to market our program throughout the Bay Area, and directly impacted sales by overseeing marketing, instruction, and operations.

Towards the end of my time at LMB, I was selected to be featured in 4+ international training videos for 4000+ clinician trainees to date, demonstrating great rapport with even the most challenging students. The onboarding videos are still currently in use and help provide quality training in order to better serve our clients.