Founder & Director

I Love You Let's Party is an event management organization that celebrates diversity, equality, and community in events from small, intimate banquets, to dance music parties, to large-scale conferences.

Here, I manage a team that creates large-scale corporate conferences, high-end fashion & art shows, electronic dance music festivals and intimate fundraising banquets, ranging in size from 30 to 1000+ attendees.

I've designed installations and promoted dozens of events, hosting world-renown DJs such as Sammy Davis Jr, Trus'Me, Phil Moffa, Lake People, Raresh, Canson, Doubting Thomas.

At ILYLP, I've curated an inclusive team of 5+ planners and volunteers, developing a work environment that promotes local artists, women, people of color and LGBTQ+ in the entertainment space.

Local clients include, but are not limited to, WERD (20+ years running), As You Like It, The Shuffle Co-Op, Aftertouch, Public Works SF, HEY SUGAR, and Sure Thing.

Interested in hiring us for an event? Email