Engagement Manager

Since 1992, Cooper has transformed thousands of companies, from startups to Fortune 10s, through design and business strategy and professional education. At Cooper, we only have an “A Team.” Our designers bring diverse backgrounds--from art, to business, law, neuroscience, and product management--to consulting, coaching, and training engagements.

I lead engagement planning sessions to develop the instructional team and provide a high-touch attendee experience leading to hundreds of private training contracts. I also oversaw public relations, thought leadership, engagement events and large-scale conferences, mentored, coached, and led internal client success team and marketing interns.

During this time, I identified and qualified 25 key accounts, strengthening relationships with high-profile client partners, e.g. Chase, Google, Visa, Clorox, and Walmart Labs, and designed successful tiered engagement efforts around clients.

I launched a new Client Relationship Management (CRM) platform, migrating 20,000+ clients, training internal sales teams on best practices around procedures and accountability, driving higher sales.