Client Engagement Manager

*Cooper was acquired by Designit in October 2017*

At Designit, I achieve business growth and by applying stakeholder research and internal training to develop a positive company culture that nurtures strategic client relationships.

I oversaw implementation of research-based, innovative engagement strategies to improve client experience, collaborating cross-functionally with design teams to execute plans.

I created and executed business development strategy to foster meaningful long-term relationships with clients, leading to greater client retention and returning projects, and providing training for business development and design teams.

After creating the first-ever Engagement Team, I oversaw a group of marketing analysts and copywriters in developing the brand strategy for our daily publications and social media posts.

I managed stewardship over long-term relationships with Fortune 500 clients, leading to greater client retention and projects resulting in $500K - $1M in annual revenue. 

My team executed the first-ever Design Innovation Day for Agile India’s annual conference (2000+ attendees), engaging leaders from top organizations such as ExxonMobil, BBVA, Amazon, The College Board, and MIT.