I've had a few past lives, working in remedial education, fundraising, event production, organizational design, business design, and now customer experience... so what is the common thread?

I provide a space where relationships can thrive and produce meaningful, scalable change.

After enjoying several life chapters in New York City, Amsterdam, Paris, and San Francisco, I am happy to call Los Angeles my home. In my current role as a Strategic Customer Success Manager at Miro, a digital collaborative whiteboarding platform, I help enterprise customers realize their collaboration goals and develop meaningful remote working rituals. In my spare time I help my partner grow his strategic design business, communicating the business case for design to large corporate clients. provide guidance as an Innovation and Leadership Coach for several of Seth Godin's intensive Akimbo Workshops.

By day, I am a strategist, culture developer and client ambassador. By night, a sci-fi nerd, bookworm and house DJ.

Gallup StrengthsFinder: Learner | Futuristic | Strategic | Arranger | Positivity
Meyers-Briggs: ENFJ | Diplomat | The Protagonist | Social Engagement

Speaking engagements and past work...

2019, Distributed 2019 Virtual Summit: The Agile Organization
2019, Miro Blog: Giving Feedback in a Distributed Team
2019, Interaction 19 Global Design Conference: Business Design for Designers
2018, Springboard Rise Conference: Ideation Crash Course
2017, Cooper Journal: A Designer’s Guide to Naming + Branding Conference Rooms
2016, Cooper Journal: Designing Culture Bicoastally