I’ve had several past lives, working first in remedial education, fashion production, fundraising, and now organizational, service and business design... so what is the common thread?

I provide a space where relationships can thrive in order to produce meaningful change.

Born to a Mormon Lawyer and a Dutch Scientist, I learned early on that life is full of beautiful contradictions. I approach these with the framework of Social & Cultural Analysis at NYU, double majoring in Metropolitan & Gender Studies, and minoring in French Language.

After enjoying several life chapters in New York City, Amsterdam and Paris, I am happy to call San Francisco my home. I brought together my love for organizational development and brand empowerment by crafting several articles on Designing Culture Bicoastally and A Designer's Guide to Naming and Branding Conference Rooms.

I currently work as a Senior Strategic Designer at a leading business and strategy design firm, communicating the business case for design to large corporate clients. In the evenings, I provide guidance as a Leadership Coach for Seth Godin's intensive altMBA program. In recent months I have been working on facilitating interactive creativity workshops at large conferences, like my Ideation Crash Course at Springboard Rise and Business Design Practice with NYU Bay Area Alumni Group.

By day, I am a strategist, culture developer and client ambassador. By night, a sketchnoter and acapella musician.

Gallup StrengthsFinder: Learner | Futuristic | Strategic | Arranger | Positivity
Meyers-Briggs: ENFJ | Diplomat | The Protagonist | Social Engagement